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Why is Certified Piedmontese the Taste of Real Beef?

While with other companies, breeds or cuts of steak you are paying for and tasting the flavor of fat, with Certified Piedmontese you are paying for and tasting meat. It means knowing what beef is supposed to taste like.

The Piedmontese breed of cattle has an inactive myostatin gene, unlike other breeds of cattle. The difference this makes is that while other cattle can only gain so much lean, muscular tissue and then the rest must be fat, the Piedmontese cattle can keep growing over double the amount of muscle of the other breeds of cattle. This makes it a leaner and more tender type of beef.

With traditional beef, the thought is that fat equals flavor. That is because the cattle have significantly more fat so it does not get the opportunity to have the flavor be in the meat. Traditional marbling comes when the muscle grows, stretches, and tears creating pockets of space to be filled with something that creates the taste of the meat. For other breeds of cattle these pockets are filled with fat and thus your flavor comes from that, but it is something that you eat around, pay for, but is not great for you and will not leave you as full.

You are then eating something leaner, healthier, and more nutritious. Having less fat and more meat also helps to maintain the moisture in the meat, because it does not dry out during the cooking process.

Even during the ranching process, trying to gain more muscle instead of fat is healthier for the cattle, and that leads to healthier high-quality beef. Oftentimes, when ranchers are trying to get their herd of cattle to gain weight and have marbling down the road, they will feed their cattle accordingly. This means caring less about nutrition and possibly using hormones, antibiotics, and steroids. At Certified Piedmontese, we care about the nutrition and care of our cattle and the quality behind it which is why we never give our cattle hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or animal by-products. It makes our beef healthier, and it also allows it to be the taste of real beef.

Even our customers can tell the difference that they are tasting beef and not just eating fat.

"I never liked red meat too much until I realized I was eating garbage quality meat from the grocery store. The cuts from Piedmontese are lean, tender, and delicious!" -Annie

"You can’t get better meat anywhere. I am 80 years old and this is like the clean meat I had as a kid and young person." -Suzanne

This shows that Certified Piedmontese is a natural, healthier beef that doesn't sacrifice flavor or tenderness. It is the Taste of Real Beef.

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