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What Makes Piedmontese Cattle So Unique?

The Piedmontese breed is perhaps the most unique breed of cattle in existence, even among other heritage breeds. The breed originated in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy about 100 years ago, amid the region’s green, rolling hills and fine wines and rich cuisine. During the 1870s, a natural genetic development occurred within the breed. The myostatin gene—which inhibits muscle development—became inactive, and the cattle began developing extra, more tender muscle fibers and very little fat. The breed’s genetics were never altered by an outside source—its unique qualities are simply the result of nature taking its course. The Piedmontese breed’s genetic development now results in a source of incredibly lean and tender beef full of clean, beefy flavor, without the need for fatty marbling.

Preserving the unique attributes of the Piedmontese breed is a priority of the Certified Piedmontese program. It all begins with purebred Piedmontese bulls, which provide the unique genetics that deliver the benefits of the Piedmontese breed. Each animal in the program is then DNA tested by an accredited, third party laboratory to confirm the presence of the inactive myostatin gene unique to the breed, which results in the animal’s Piedmontese heritage.

To enhance the unique properties of the Piedmontese breed, Certified Piedmontese ranchers raise the cattle the right way on family ranches across Nebraska—with expert, diligent care, and without the use of antibiotics, steroids, or hormones. Our ranchers abide by strict standards for care, using low stress husbandry techniques to ensure humane handling at every step.

In a commodity beef market focused mostly on marbling, Piedmontese beef—with its superior nutrition, tenderness, and taste—stands out. We’re proud to raise the Piedmontese breed, and we’re dedicated to its heritage and quality. To deliver a unique, high-quality beef to consumers who won’t settle for less, Certified Piedmontese and Lone Creek Cattle Company remain committed to the core mission: to raise this unique breed the right way.

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