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What is Certified Piedmontese Beef Club?

Did you know that Certified Piedmontese has a Beef Club?

Beef Club is our subscription box shipped conveniently to your front door each month! In each box is a unique combination of Certified Piedmontese beef, specifically picked for that month or quarter's enjoyment. This allows you to try new cuts, while still getting your favorites, all at a better deal than buying them individually. Our experienced team will handcraft your beef subscription based on your chosen subscription level (Gourmet Butcher or Fancy Rancher) and frequency (every month or every quarter). Collections include a variety of our best cuts—selected to reward your membership and loyalty!

Here are some of the perks of joining Beef Club:

  • Get the best beef on the market at a discounted rate (around 30% off!)

  • Easy & convenient— no ordering, no hassle!

  • Always have nutritious, lean, and tender beef on hand

  • Free shipping

  • Try all sorts of Piedmontese products, including our grass fed, grass finished beef and Dynasty Selection!

We know we’re not the first beef subscription service to arrive on the scene, but there’s no other meat subscription service that offers Certified Piedmontese beef - the best beef; leaner, more tender, and the most flavorful beef. All of this at a great value along with personalized and professional customer service that makes getting your beef fix easy, reliable, and absolutely delicious.

Join Beef Club today and enjoy all the extra perks of knowing your fridge is always filled with all-natural, healthier beef!

A Beef Club subscription also makes a great gift, especially for those beef lovers you know. Provide the recipient’s shipping information and your payment information, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Head to Piedmontese.com to Subscribe!

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