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3 Product Lines, 1 Certified Piedmontese

At Certified Piedmontese beef, we have three different product lines – Core Program, Grass-Fed Grass-Finished, and Dynasty. All three product lines from Certified Piedmontese guarantee the unique traits of the Piedmontese breed of producing extremely lean and tender beef. No group of animals are treated differently and are raised all-natural without steroids, antibiotics, or hormones on family ranches across the Midwest. We work to bring you the most premium products, no matter which line you choose that fits you best.

Core Certified Piedmontese Program:

Our core program is what started it all. Raised in an all-natural environment on a vegetarian diet, our cattle are humanely raised on ranches across the Midwest. Each animal is tested and monitored to make sure that it has the inactive myostatin gene that makes the Piedmontese breed stand out from all the rest.

Most of your flavor and tenderness comes from the fact that Piedmontese cattle are more muscular and have less total body fat. The muscle fibers in Certified Piedmontese cattle are shorter adding to that extra tenderness you experience with our beef. This means that you are tasting what beef is supposed to taste like.

Grass Fed, Grass Finished Program:

The diet of the grass fed cattle takes the nutrition of the core program Certified Piedmontese, to new heights. As compared to our traditional Certified Piedmontese both are given vegetarian diets, our Grass Fed beef however is never given any grain sourced food. Whereas most grass-fed beef is known for being leaner and healthier, they do not have the tenderness and flavor that comes with the Certified Piedmontese Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef. Our meat is the healthier beef option.

It’s even leaner than our standard Certified Piedmontese beef—which is already leaner and more tender than other breeds—providing health-conscious customers a beef product that’s low in fat and calories, packed with nutrition, and exceedingly tender and flavorful. Because it’s a lean protein that provides essential fats that provide energy for the body, it’s especially popular with athletes and people who maintain active lifestyles.

“I ran out of beef and I had to get some yesterday at Whole Foods. I got grass-fed beef and bison and I almost threw up eating it. I used to ONLY eat their beef. After having Piedmontese, the quality is just unmatched and now I’m not able to eat anything else! Regardless of what happens with our partnership (that I’m working hard to keep!), I will be a customer for life! My parents ordered some this week so I am hoping they will get locked in as well. I know a lot of my clients are!”

- Sarah Scholl, Pro. CrossFit Athlete, Strength/Conditioning/Nutrition Coach

Click here for more information on our Grass Fed, Grass Finished line.

Dynasty Selection Program:

Our Dynasty Selection program is an exclusive product offering, but when you get it you are receiving the most prestigious purebred Certified Piedmontese beef. Our dynasty-bred cows have double of the gene that brings our breed its leanness and tenderness. This means that our Dynasty program is double the leanness, double the tenderness and thus double the rarity.

We hope that this gives you a clearer view of the products that you can choose from when you buy Certified Piedmontese beef. You can not go wrong with any of our high-quality beef lines, because it is all the finest beef you can find. You can always expect lean, tender, and delicious beef no matter which one you choose.

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