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The Nutritional Difference – Certified Piedmontese Separates Itself from the Herd

Have you fallen victim to the yo-yo diet, or tried a specific diet only to get burnt out within the first week or two? You’re not alone – and Certified Piedmontese is here to help! We recently caught up with Dave Ellis, Director of Performance Nutrition at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, who chooses to fuel the student-athletes with only the finest, and freshest ingredients including Certified Piedmontese Beef.

We asked what Dave Ellis likes about Certified Piedmontese Beef over other beef programs out there, and this is what he had to say: “More protein per bite! Now that is a good recovery concept when it comes to beef products that we feed hard working athletes. The only problem is that most of the lean beef products that would yield more protein and less calories from fat bite and chew like a jawbreaker candy. That is why the Certified Piedmontese beef story is so unique. The lean protein athletes seek from beef without the challenging chew, in fact it is extremely tender. It’s really a unique concept that many people don’t even realize exist, which is a shame, especially if you’re on a training regimen.” Said Ellis. It all starts with a quick history lesson on the breed of cattle. (Check it out here:

When going through your training regimen or throughout the succession of your diet, a lean beef protein could be just what your body is yearning for. When we asked about the post-training habits of his student-athletes, Ellis said; “No matter how good a protein shake might taste for an athlete after a workout, if they had to choose between a shake and a hot meal, you can guess what they would take, right? Even after a hot practice you can bet that the meal will win out and when we can get them a quality protein source like a lean cut of Certified Piedmontese beef, that is a win for hard working athletes, especially our female and endurance focused athletes.”

In the end, what matters most to athletes and consumers alike, is the combination of great flavor and quality nutrition. Certified Piedmontese beef is lean and tender, so it tastes great and has an impressive nutritional profile. In fact, Piedmontese compares favorably to what have historically been considered ultra-healthy sources of protein. In fact, the nutritional profile is similar to that of white meat or Atlantic salmon!

So the next time you find yourself in your diet or training lull, just remember that with Certified Piedmontese beef, you are getting an all-natural source of complete protein which will give your body the necessary nutrients it needs , while also delivering a guilt-free eating experience that you can feel good about. Real Nebraska beef, the way it should be!

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