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The Perfect Spring and Summer Snack: All-Natural Beef Jerky

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Snack often and snack well with Certified Piedmontese Jerky! With 14g of protein (only 1g of fat) in a 1oz serving, our jerky is the perfect healthy snack on the go, after a workout, in the office, or at home. Our jerky comes in both 1.25oz and 3oz bags in both Hickory and Bold and Spicy! Use code "jerky" when checking out to receive 25% off while the sale lasts!

1 Case (12 - 3oz bags) - runs for only $71.96 with the sale, and ends up being $5.99/bag!

Go ahead and buy a case of each, or opt for the smaller 1.25oz bags for quicker and shareable bags!

All orders over $99 ship for free - so go ahead and order 2 cases or add a few other Certified Piedmontese Cuts off the website and enjoy all the products with free shipping!

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