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Share The Love of CP Beef

We love our Certified Piedmontese beef, but for Valentine's Day, we wanted to share some of our favorite quotes, that show your love of CP Beef!

"1. Website easy to use. 2. What was described was what was delivered. 3. Tried 1 of my Sirloins. It was tender, full of flavor, and one of the best Steaks I have had to date. (I grew up in Chicago so I am used to good quality Beef.) 4. Delivery was timely and placed where I could see it but was not obvious to people on the street or driving by my home. Thank you" - Callie

"Best beef on planet Earth!" -Hank

"Placed my first order and got an assortment including: lean ground beef, sirloin filets, flat irons, and filet mignons. Each kind was fantastic. You can really taste the quality difference versus store-bought meats. Piedmontese is on a level of its own!" -Trevor

"The steak was amazing, super tender and flavorful. It’s also a cut of steak that is hard to find. I’m so happy to have somewhere to buy such a great piece of quality meat. The quality was amazing." -Betty

"Our order arrived promptly. The steaks were delicious, melt-in-your-mouth meats. We were pleasantly surprised, having known nothing about Certified Piedmontese - just decided to take a chance. We will definitely order again." -Linda

"Heck of a steak! Tasted amazing. Compared to what we saw at the butcher this was a way bigger piece than what they were selling. Very impressive!" -John

"We are getting grass finished beef! It's a little pricey. But you are getting what you've paid for. For now, I'll be using Piedmontese for all our beef." -Ralph

"Our steaks were absolutely perfect. We did a reverse sear, they were perfectly tender snd the taste was absolutely worth every penny!!" -Lee

"A beef like no other! Almost addictive! Every bite is a rich taste of beef! Very tender! Delightful! Can’t say enough! So quick and easy to cook." -Mary

"One word AWESOME! I have had some really good steaks. However, this is definitely the very best." -Christopher

"Finally, meat that tastes like Grandma raised and not swimming in water like the beef we have been buying at the grocery store!" -Jan

"Most tender, juicy, flavorful beef I have ever eaten!! It's so tender I can cut the steaks with a fork!!! Fast delivery service and packaged well for shipping." -JT

"We love this place soooo much!!!" -Audrey

"Highest quality meat available on the open market." -JP

Happy Valentine's Day, and make sure to share your love of Certified Piedmontese beef!

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