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  • Certified Piedmontese

Our Midwest Land & Ranches

At the heart of the Midwest, Nebraska’s Sandhills provide the region with an abundance of natural resources and Lone Creek Cattle Company and Certified Piedmontese producers are mindful of their relationship with the natural resources that flourish in the Great Plains, from the mixed-grass prairie of Nebraska’s Sandhills, to the massive underground resource of fresh water—the Ogallala Aquifer.

The land and natural resources of the nation’s Heartland assure not only access to abundant water and open rangelands, but also that their use would not adversely affect any other necessary use or, more importantly, the sustainability of the region’s resources in general.

Our Ranching Standards With all of the naturally occurring benefits of Piedmontese cattle, Lone Creek Cattle Company is strongly committed to the expansion of this unique and superior breed. Our program is designed to merge Piedmontese cattle with the finest ranching practices to produce a generous supply of gourmet beef. To maintain the integrity of the breed, we only partner with producers who are willing to meet our strictly defined ranching standards which are the cornerstones of our program:

1) Animals are raised in a natural environment, grazing open pastures and grasslands 2) Our animals are raised in a natural environment, grazing open pastures and grasslands.-Our animals never receive steroids or supplemental growth hormones.

3) Our animals must be raised on vegetarian feed only; absolutely no animal by-products.

4) Our animals must be humanely raised and handled at all time by ranchers who are committed to utilizing low-stress handling techniques.

5) Our ranches and partner producers must meet quality standards for feed and water.

6) Our ranches, partner producers, and feed yards receive routine visits from Lone Creek Cattle Company personnel to audit records and verify protocol requirements are being strictly followed.

Located in the heart of the nation’s breadbasket, Lone Creek Cattle Company is amid some of the country’s most abundant natural resources. From the grasslands of the Heartland, to the massive Ogallala Aquifer (the greatest natural underwater aquifer in the world), the Midwest is a treasure that Lone Creek aims to preserve by operating in the most sustainable manner possible and with a keen eye toward preserving these natural resources.

The Ranches

Toro Ranch

Located in northern Custer County, Nebraska, Toro Ranch is essential to Lone Creek Cattle Company's bull lease program.  Our Piedmontese bulls call Toro home, and are developed here for use in our terminal herds and leased to external producers.  Toro Ranch is also home to a Piedmontese bull test facility, where our bulls are tested to ensure their Piedmontese Genetics.

Blue Creek Ranch

In central Garden County, Nebraska, the Blue Creek Ranch includes over 7,000-acres of ranch and farmland and is designed for terminal development.  

Quarter Circle Bar Ranch

At the Quarter Circle Bar Ranch, feeding and intensive grazing are used for backgrounding calves before finishing. Located in southern Cherry County, Nebraska, the ranch sits atop some of the deepest saturation levels of the Ogallala Aquifer.

Seward Farms

Grassland in Seward County, Nebraska is used for development of Lone Creek Cattle Company's full-blooded Piedmontese donor cows. 


Row crop farmlands spread across southeast Nebraska in York, Fillmore, Seward, and Lancaster County. Production is used to internally hedge feed costs in volatile grain markets.

Production & Land Management

As stewards of the land, Lone Creek Cattle Company is committed to using the region’s natural resources both efficiently and responsibly. Careful grassland management aims to reduce grazing pressures on riparian areas while ensuring that the animals receive adequate nutrition.

LCCC has also invested in crops and farmlands that yield a large portion of the grains utilized within the operation. This focus on sustainability combined with other responsible land management practices is part of a commitment to sustainability, but it also translates into reduced risks in unpredictable grain markets.

The company’s focus on adopting some of the industry’s leading technologies also plays a key role in land and resource management. Traceability from birth to harvest ensures that each animal’s nutritional needs are adequately met while providing valuable data that is then analyzed to ensure that resource utilization is continuously improving within the operation. Ongoing research trials at the Lone Creek’s bull development facility also contribute to the goal of environmental sustainability.

Combining this conscientious approach with the foresight to leverage the industry’s leading technology, Lone Creek Cattle Company is able to utilize the natural resources at their maximum efficiency. 

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