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Gifts of Certified Piedmontese

Looking for a truly memorable way to show appreciation for customers and staff? A curated collection of unique, world-class beef is the perfect way to send well wishes, holiday greetings, appreciation, congratulations, and more. Certified Piedmontese makes it simple with pre-selected or customizable gift collections, flexible pricing options with volume discounts, and free shipping to multiple recipients or one location.

Best In Class

Gifting Certified Piedmontese comes with the certainty you’re gifting the absolute best beef on the market. Certified Piedmontese prides itself on consistently providing customers a truly better beef with more taste and tenderness and an all-around better nutrition profile with less fat and calories and more protein per ounce. The attention to detail our beef products exhibit are the perfect demonstration of gratitude.

Unique Beef With A Story

Certified Piedmontese isn’t just excellent beef; it also has a unique heritage and farm-to-fork story. The Piedmontese breed hails from Italy and is now raised on family ranches across the Great Plains. Certified Piedmontese ranchers raise the cattle the right way, with low stress handling and natural, diligent care (the cattle are never given antibiotics, steroids, hormones or animal by-products) as top priorities. Nothing at Certified Piedmontese ranches is done without record, so the beef your customers and staff receive is 100 percent transparent and traceable. This means they know exactly where it comes from—a value most beef programs, especially those with a corporate gifting program, simply don’t provide.

Easy To Gift

As the giver, you’ll love the simplicity of ordering a gift that’s guaranteed to impress. The newly redesigned Piedmontese.com offers a user-friendly shopping experience. Easily navigate our product lines (traditional Certified Piedmontese beef; grass fed, grass finished Certified Piedmontese beef; and the Certified Piedmontese Dynasty Selection) and shop our wide selection of gourmet products.

Our experienced Certified Piedmontese customer service team will help you choose or put together the perfect Certified Piedmontese gift package, whether it’s a collection of our premium steaks and roasts or a selection of our spice rubs, beef jerky, snack sticks, and more. Our team will then make sure the packages arrive at their destination—to one address or multiple—at the appropriate time. Click here to start your order!

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