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Make the Most of Grilling Season

Temperature control is essential when grilling. For cuts that require a longer grilling time (like roasts and large steaks) it’s important to have two heating zones prepared: a direct heat zone for searing and quickcooking, and an indirect heat zone for slower, more even cooking. Direct and indirect heat zones can be established on a charcoal grill by piling the charcoals toward one side. On many gas grills, heating the burners on one side of the grill to about 400°F (direct heat) will create an indirect zone on the opposite side of the grill that registers around 275°F. Using direct and indirect heat zones is also best practice for quick-grilling cuts that require direct heat (like sirloin or strip steaks); if at any point the cut starts cooking too quickly, simply transfer it to the indirect zone to avoid burning. Every grill is different, so experiment before cooking to make sure your temperatures are accurate for both zones. Place a drip pan below where the beef will spend most of its time grilling to prevent flare-ups.

Should I cook my steak directly from the fridge or at room temperature?

This is a pretty common question. There's a widely known practice of letting your steaks come to room temperature before cooking. Lean and tender Certified Piedmontese Beef cooks more quickly due to the lower fat content, so it is not as important to let your steaks come to room temperature on most cuts. Keeping a cool or cold center will help to get a good sear and crust on your steaks without the fear of overcooking. A lot of it comes down to the steak's overall thickness.

CP Steaks that benefit from being cooked directly from the fridge:

  • NY strips

  • Ribeyes

  • Flat Irons

  • Skirt steaks

  • Flank steaks

Steaks that benefit from being cooked from room temperature:

  • Filet mignons

  • Manhattan steaks

  • Sirloins

  • Chuck eye steaks

  • Bavettes

  • Tomahawks

  • T-Bones

  • Roasts

No matter the cut, we always recommend patting your steaks dry with a paper towel and seasoning with salt. Salt will help develop a beautiful and flavorful crust, while enhancing the flavor and tenderness of Certified Piedmontese Beef.

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