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Learn More about Casa Bovina and The Mercato

Labor Day weekend 2020 Certified Piedmontese opened our very own restaurant; Casa Bovina, and retail space; The Mercato, in Lincoln, Nebraska. They are located at our main Certified Piedmontese campus, which includes our cold storage, process centers, and corporate offices.


Italian Inspired Steakhouse, Real Nebraska Beef

Casa Bovina is a rustic Italian-inspired restaurant that features our Certified Piedmontese beef. “Casa Bovina raises the bar for any eating experience. From the knowledge of the Chefs to the high-quality dishes and drinks served; we want to give an atmosphere that creates unmatched dining opportunity,” says Jordan Reed, Casa Bovina's Front of House Manager.

Certified Piedmontese has worked to create a quality experience in every part of the process of our meat. The same is true in their restaurant, Casa Bovina, they work to source only the best products and ingredients to serve. All meals use premium produce, meats, cheeses; and can be paired with an exceptional variety of imported and American wines. This importance on using local and other prime items comes through in the superiority of the dishes on the menu. Thus, Certified Piedmontese continues to stand out from the rest, striving for excellence in every part of our business.

Casa Bovina is currently open Tuesday through Sunday evenings in Lincoln, Nebraska. Bookings can be made on the Casa Bovina website.


Certified Piedmontese Retail and Butcher Shop

“The Mercato is a retail store and butcher shop featuring our Certified Piedmontese beef, as well as other quality meats and unique dry ingredients, that match the quality and uniqueness of our beef,” says Nick Munger, Retail Manager.

By opening this flagship store, Certified Piedmontese has given Lincoln and the surrounding areas and communities more access to our premium product as well as other ingredients that might not be available anywhere else in the state. The Mercato also offers exclusive Certified Piedmontese products, so make sure to stop by and shop the great selections! The Mercato's selection includes specialty salumi (meaning fresh handmade sausage) techniques from Tony Incontro; fresh bread, hand-crafted gelato by The Mercato, sauces, pasta, and ready-to-eat dishes professionally prepared by our chefs in Casa Bovina. Not to mention ingredients spanning from seasonings to cheeses, all produced locally.

The Mercato is open every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and is located just north of 84th St. and Havelock Avenue. We can't wait to see you and further your experience with all Certified Piedmontese has to offer.