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Know Your Beef Cuts and How to Cook Them! (Part 2)

A perfect juicy steak cut and plated with garnish
Do you know all your steak cuts?

Here's Part 2 of getting to know the steak cuts offered by Certified Piedmontese! If you've ever wondered where your steak is cut from, whether a rare cut is worth buying, or even how to cook a specific steak, we're here to help!

Previously in Part 1, we talked about the Bavette Steak, Chuck Eye Steak, Chuck Short Ribs, Filet Mignon, Flank Steak, Flat Iron Steak, Manhattan Strip, and Meaty Beef Back Ribs.

In this post, let's take a look at the New York Strip, Petite Tender, Ribeye, Sirloin Filet, Skirt Steak, T-Bone, and Tomahawk.

Did you know? Certified Piedmontese steaks are 11% leaner than commercially common beef, and cook 30% faster. Keep an eye on that steak to ensure you don’t overcook it!

Many Certified Piedmontese steak cuts have Grass Fed & Finished alternatives that contain less monosaturated fat and calories and have a higher density of key nutrients such as antioxidants and vitamins, with 5x omega-3 fatty acids and 2x CLA. Cattles raised in our Grass Fed Program roam free, grazing on the grasslands of the USA Midwest. Since 2021, our Grass Fed cattle have been raised on an exclusive diet of non-GMO roughage, meaning these cattle have never set foot on non-GMO property.

New York Strip

Cut from the top part of the short loin, behind the ribs.

Piedmontese new york strip

Widely appealing to a variety of tastes, there is a distinctive strip of fat on its edge with a slight marbling throughout. Outside of the USA, it's more commonly known as the strip loin steak, and if it's bone-in, you can also call it the Kansas City Strip. We offer New York Strips in 8oz and larger 10oz cuts with the perfect balance of marbling and tenderness. Grass Fed Grass Finished 8oz and 10oz New York Strips available.

Recommended to cook till an internal temperature of 135 °F.

Cooking Methods: Pan sear, grill, pan sear to oven, broil

Popular Recipes: Steakhouse Quiche, Espresso-Rubbed New York Strips, NY Strip Florentine, Grilled NY Strip with Horseradish Compound Butter, New York Strip with Cutting Board Sauce

Petite Tender

A small, lean cut from the shoulder of the cow near the flat iron.

Piedmontese petite tender

Sometimes named the teres major in butcher shops, this cut is perfect for pan searing whole or sliced into medallions or even smaller portions to use in various recipes. It resembles the filet mignon at an everyday price. It's pretty rare to find this cut in grocery stores because of the skill needed to cut this tender and beefy steak. Best cooked quickly over high heat, this cut shines when used with marinades and cooked as stir-fries, kebabs, or steak fajitas.

Recommended to cook till an internal temperature of 145 °F.

Cooking Methods: Pan sear, grill, stir fry

Popular Recipes: Cut into medallions to be substituted in any filet mignon recipe, or slice and use in a hanger steak recipe!

Ribeye Steak

Comes from the beef rib, falling between the chuck and loin from the sixth to twelfth rib.

Ribeye steak raw

Enjoy the natural tenderness with the buttery beef flavor guilt-free because Certified Piedmontese ribeye is 30% lower in calories and fat. An absolute customer favorite for its richness, ribeye is the go-to for many steak lovers, and it even comes at sizes of up to 14 oz for a tremendously satisfying meal. Grass Fed Grass Finished 10oz and 14oz ribeyes available.

Recommended to cook till an internal temperature of 130 °F.

Cooking Methods: Pan sear, grill, pan sear to oven, broil

Popular Recipes: Grilled Ribeye with Black Garlic Aïoli, Honey-Mustard Ribeye, Ribeye with Cranberry-Rosemary Sauce, Tuscan Ribeye, Ribeye with Onions and Peppers Agrodolce

Sirloin Filet

Cut from the sirloin on top of the cow's back.

A raw sirloin filet

Imagine the filet mignon with a slightly sturdier chew. This lower-end priced cut gives other premium steaks a run for their money, and it comes in 6oz and 8oz cuts. It's unbelievably great for grilling, working well in tandem with simple veggie sides and over salad entrées. Many prefer the natural flavor from the char on the grill, but marinades and dry rubs can help bring out the taste of the beef. Grass Fed Grass Finished 6oz and 8oz sirloin filets available.

Recommended to cook till an internal temperature of 130 °F.

Cooking Methods: Pan sear, grill, pan sear to grill, broil

Popular Recipes: Sirloin Filets With Roasted Potatoes & Arugula Salsa Verde, Grilled Beef Skewers, Steak & Eggs with Potato Hash, Healthier Beef Stroganoff, Sirloin Steak With Mushroom Sauce

Skirt Steak

Trimmed from the short plate of the beef plate primal cut, located just below the ribs, between the brisket and the flank.

Flavorful skirt steak

A cut often used in fajitas or stir fry because it is flavorful but tough to chew, Certified Piedmontese skirt steak is a special delicacy because of how much more tender it is. Grilling and eating it on its own is entirely possible with Piedmontese tenderness and a rich and robust flavor profile that blows the mind. If you're looking for high quality, unique steak at a great value, this is it. One could even say that tangy marinades are made for this cut.

Recommended to cook till an internal temperature of 130 °F.

Cooking Methods: Pan sear, grill, stir fry

Popular Recipes: Skirt Steak & Mushroom Fajitas, Skirt Steak & Avocado Lettuce Wraps, Spicy Red Thai Beef Curry, Fruit & Walnut Steak Salad, Avocado Chimichurri Skirt Steak

T-Bone Steak

Cut from the short loin, has two different steaks attached to the bone.

A Certified Piedmontese T-Bone Steak

It is a favorite in the steakhouse with the striploin on one side and the tenderloin on the other. This steak can be easily recognizable by its telltale T-shaped bone in the middle. You get to enjoy two steaks in one go! The tenderloin is between ½-inch and 1¼-inches in diameter. Along with its unbeatable eating experience, the T-bone's plate presence is sure to impress friends and family, and there's more than enough to share. Grass Fed Grass Finished T-Bone available.

Recommended to cook till an internal temperature of 135 °F.

Cooking Methods: Pan sear, grill, smoke

Popular Recipes: Coffee-Crusted T-Bone Steak, Garlic & Herb T-Bone Steak, Grilled Garlicky T-Bone, T-Bone Steak with Virgin Sunflower Oil

Tomahawk Steak

Cut from the longissimus (Latin for "longest one"), or loin, consisting of two muscles outside of the rib cage that runs along both sides of the spine.

An impressive Tomahawk steak

You've probably seen this hatchet-resembling cut pictured on social media of a proud griller. The frenched bone makes for an impressive presentation to wow the dinner guests while adding rich bone-in flavor to the cut. Think of the buttery taste and tenderness of the ribeye taken up eleven notches, and is it any wonder that this oversized slab of meat from the forerib is growing in popularity across the continent?

Recommended to cook till an internal temperature of 135 °F.

Cooking Methods: Grill, pan sear to oven, smoke

Popular Recipes: Tomahawk with Sweet & Sour Glaze, Roasted Tomahawk Ribeye Steak with Cremini Mushroom Ragù

With our ranchers' rigorous standards, third-party source verification, and zealous diligence at every step of production, Certified Piedmontese strives to produce top-notch beef consistent in size, tenderness, flavor, and quality from cut to cut. Ultimately, we want to provide you with superior beef that is tasty and healthy, that exceeds expectations for a truly memorable dining experience.

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