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Jordan Reed: Serving Up Hospitality at Casa Bovina

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska when Jordan Reed, Casa Bovina's Front of House Manager, got the offer to come home and do what he had found to love he couldn't miss the chance.

Jordan remembers when he was growing up enjoying time cooking with his grandma, as he still does today; and maybe that was the thing that first really started his passion for cooking and the food industry. Between that and spending time on the farm growing up, Jordan grew knowledge of what a meal could be and mean and where it came from early on, as well as where hard work could take you.

Originally from here in Lincoln, Nebraska Jordan's main passions throughout high school and eventually college were football and baseball. For college he attended Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska where he studied sociology. That he believes this has helped him to understand and better serve people while in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

After graduating college Jordan was not really sure what he wanted to do, and he ended up in Omaha working at Avoli Osteria. Starting out as a food runner, he worked his way through multiple areas of the restaurant gaining a deeper passion for and understanding of the food industry. This time included serving, bartending, managing the front of house, and eventually becoming a sous chef. He is grateful for his time there and the many things he learned while there, including the art of making pasta and passing his level one sommelier exam.

Working at Avoli is where Jordan met Chef Benjamin Maides, and it was through that connection, that he heard of the opportunity here at Casa Bovina to be the Front of House Manager. It ended up being an opportunity Jordan couldn't pass up! It gave him the opportunity to move back home, and he stands behind the idea that Casa Bovina locally sources its ingredients, and most things are from Nebraska or Italy.

When asked what his career goals were, he simply said longevity and to stay opportunistic. He would rather stay warm for 20-30 years than to be scalding hot for 5.

The person Jordan idolizes from the industry would be Bobby Stuckey. The idea that Jordan relates to most of Bobby's is the idea of being a Hospitalian. It combines the idea of serving, which is what you do to or for someone, and hospitality. But, it elevates the idea of hospitality, which is how someone feels as a result of your service or experience. This importance of how someone feels with our service and hospitality at Casa Bovina, is something that remains important to Jordan.

In his free time Jordan has many other talents and passions. One of these included playing guitar! He says he plays a little bit of everything; and depending on the song it can either be played on his acoustic or electric bass guitar. Jordan also loves to travel and try new adventures including lobster hunting in Florida and snowboarding.

If Jordan could have the perfect year; it would be spending some time at the bottom of the ocean lobster hunting and at the top of a mountain snowboarding, and enjoying life in-between. So, part of his journey in-between is here at Casa Bovina, and we are very lucky to have him!

Casa Bovina is a premium Italian Inspired Steakhouse presented by Certified Piedmontese beef and is located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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