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Is Frozen The New Fresh?

Consumers more and more are wanting healthier, fresher foods to stock their pantries and fridges. The terms' "Fresh" and "All-Natural" also remain big buzz words in the industry, and rightfully so! At Certified Piedmontese, we strive each day to provide our customers throughout the country with a frozen All-Natural, Healthier premium beef product that matches up to the quality and performance of fresh produce. So how do we keep the "fresh" in a frozen product?

Frozen Fresh Certified Piedmontese Steaks

The Certified Piedmontese program is a vertically integrated, source-verified, ranch-to-fork operation rooted in dedication to our land, ranchers, cattle, consumers, and products.

Our program is designed from the ground up to produce all-natural (no added growth hormones or steroids, antibiotics, or animal by-products), humanely handled, exceptionally tender frozen fresh beef. All of our cuts available online are vac-sealed and frozen fresh within 7 days of harvest at locations here in Nebraska - capturing supreme freshness of the product! They are kept at sub-zero temperatures until orders are placed, and shipped out in dry-iced packed coolers to ensure our cuts arrive at consumers' doors the way they are intended to be....fresh.

8oz Filets, hand cut and waiting to be vac-seal and frozen

Once thawed in the fridge or under cold water, Certified Piedmontese performs just as fresh if you were to have bought it straight from the grocery store. Many grocers and meat markets will carry fresh beef products in their coolers for up to 2 weeks before they too are frozen or sold. Being frozen fresh enables the customer to keep the beef frozen for months and months - much longer than beef purchased fresh. With the added convenience of 2-day shipping, you can have Certified Piedmontese dropped at your door step without having to head to the store and in turn forced to use your beef within a few days.

Frozen is the new fresh with Certified Piedmontese!

Certified Piedmontese Filet Mignon, thawed from the freezer

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