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History of The Flat Iron Steak Cut

The Flat Iron Cut was officially recognized as a steak cut in 2002. Part of the research team was from here in Nebraska, where Certified Piedmontese is based.

Officially Recognized In 2002

The process to have the Flat Iron become a recognized cut started before 2002 but was not officially published until then. It was originally found as a part of the Beef Checkoff program through researchers from the University of Nebraska and the University of Florida. The Beef Checkoff Program was started in 1985 through the passing of the Beef Promotion and Research Act, to lower the amount of waste of beef per head of cattle.

The duo of Chris Calkins (Nebraska) and Dwain Johnson (Florida) had partnered with The National Cattleman's Beef Association to help further the research in this law. After researching thousands of possible cuts, they found 36 worth their time, and eventually hit the jackpot with the quality and ability of production with the Flat Iron. The cut is derived from the shoulder of the cow, specifically from the top blade of the chuck. It quickly became hugely popular with the public, thanks to the fact that it was cheap, but still very high in quality.

Nebraska Born

Having had one of the leading professors who founded this cut be from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is special to us as a company, because we are proud of our Nebraska roots. Certified Piedmontese is a company based here in Nebraska. Our corporate office is in Lincoln, and our ranches are based across Nebraska's vast and beautiful land; so, we are proud of our Nebraska heritage and the fact that we also can be leading the charge it getting this Nebraska rooted Flat Iron cut out to everyone else to try.

Rarity of the Flat Iron cut

There are still very few places where a Flat Iron cut is available but being that we are a company that sticks to our roots, is a premium product, and is rare in all aspects of our product and business; so, we know that it is important for us to have a Flat Iron cut. Which is why we have one, and it will be the best one you ever have. It is quite the favorite, especially among the staff! It is easy to cook; has exceptional nutritional’s, tenderness, taste, and flavor.

We love our Flat Iron cut, and the fact that it can be integrated into our history as a company, and we know that you will love it too!

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