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Healthy Beef For The New Year

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

We talk about how Certified Piedmontese beef is a healthier beef choice that you can make for yourself, especially as we start 2021! So, we would like to share with you what makes our beef healthy, so we can be a part of you reaching your health goals this year.

We believe that the health of our cattle, while we raise them, can affect then health of the consumers later in the process. Which is why we are so committed to raising healthy cattle in an all natural way.

Raised on a purely vegetarian diet, year-round, allows for more consistency in the product, while also having more health benefits for the consumer and for the animal. This higher standard of care, especially in a natural environment is the type of quality we want to come across in all aspects of our product and business. Our program does not utilize any animal by-products, hormones, steroids, antibiotics, or any artificial growth stimulants of any kind. The philosophy is simple: Healthy cattle do not need antibiotics.

To keep the Certified Piedmontese cattle healthy, ranchers focus on using preventative measures. This means raising the cattle with quality nutrition, natural living conditions, low-stress handling techniques, and effective ranching procedures. If in a rare case an animal does become sick, it will be treated, but then those cattle will not be a part of our premium program.

Using an advanced tracking system Certified Piedmontese ranches catalog and analyze significant amounts of data and information for each animal. This type of research and technology allows ranchers to continuously manage and improve care by providing each animal what it needs. All of these systems ensure that our beef meets our high standards for care, handling, and product.

Our initiatives are regularly audited by an independent third party to maintain our claims and integrity in the product itself and how we present it. Where Food Comes From, Inc., an independent thirdparty organization audits our ranch-to-fork traceability each year to see that it falls within and above USDA guidelines. We have this certification to show that all food can 100% be traced back to the source. This certification verifies our transparency and consistency as a company.

the USDA defines a lean protein source as having less than 10 grams of total fat (4.5 grams or less from saturated fat), and fewer than 95 milligrams of cholesterol in a 3.5-ounce serving. Another way to define lean protein is a protein source that has 3 to 5 grams of fat per ounce.

Lean proteins also tend to have fewer calories per serving, because of it's lower fat content. Fat is 9 calories per gram and protein is 4 calories per gram. As you can see with the chart above Certified Piedmontese is a healthy lean protein source and has significantly less fat and calories, and has more protein than the other beef options on the market.

Most beef is not considered to be heart healthy because of the amount of fat content in the serving. But, with Certified Piedmontese the amount of cuts that are considered lean protein is unheard of, so it is heart healthy and a lean source of protein, while also giving all the nutrition benefits that are only found in red meat.

There are lots of athletes and health professionals who stand behind our beef to fuel them for their workouts and their lives. They enjoy it for its nutritional profile, macros, and the fact that those things don't negate flavor or tenderness. That is why so many choose to be Powered by Piedmontese.

Certified Piedmontese is also the healthy choice to be feeding your family. There are only so many ways to make the same thing with the same lean protein. You can make your family something different, while still knowing that it is just as healthy if not healthier for them.

Certified Piedmontese also has a line of grass fed, grass finished beef. If you thought our core line was healthy, this offers it even more with the same premium taste! Conventional grass fed, grass finished beef has a reputation for being lean with a great nutrional profile--but not necessarily the most tender or flavorful beef available. Certified Piedmontese grass fed, grass finished beef is delicious and melt in your mouth tender, while still keeping the excellent nutrition profile. It makes beef that is as tender and tasty as it is nutritous.

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