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2020 Comes to an End - Happy Holidays with Certified Piedmontese!

In honor of the upcoming holidays, we here at Certified Piedmontese thought we would share with you the story of our company's journey and the Piedmontese breed.

A rare breed that comes from the base of the Alps in Northwest Italy, the Piedmontese breed is a leaner and more muscular variety of cattle. This allows for a healthier beef option that does not sacrifice flavor or tenderness. The Piedmontese breed originated in the Piedmont region of Italy, where they had migrated 25,000 years earlier. It first started to be recognized while the popularity was rising on the region’s fine wines and cuisines. Noticed for the heavy musculature in the breed’s genetic makeup, this made the Piedmontese breed highly sought-after.

By the late 1870s, the unique genetic make-up of the Piedmontese breed was seen as standard. The Piedmontese breed was first brought to North America in the mid-1970s by a small group of forward-thinking ranchers. It took them five years to get the original five head of cattle onto North American soil. Then by the mid-1980s, imports had increased the original five head of cattle to fifteen. From Canada and into the United States through Montana, they are now on our ranches across the Midwest.

Today, the Piedmontese breed still represents less than one percent of the cattle in North America. The Certified Piedmontese brand likes to keep that rarity in the numbers of cattle that we have. Our company focuses on the quality and purpose of every aspect from the cattle; to the ranches and the food that ends up on your table.

The Certified Piedmontese program is a source verified, ranch-to-fork operation rooted in quality and personability to our land, ranchers, cattle, consumers, and products. Our in-depth and non-commodity-controlled protocols, ensure that our beef meets our high standards for care, handling, and superiority. Our cattle are raised responsibly and sustainably on family ranches across the Midwest. They are never given antibiotics, steroids, or hormones.

The Piedmontese breed is unique in the fact that it naturally creates more muscle and less fat. The breed’s genetics is not altered by an outside source—its unique qualities are the result of nature taking its course. The gene that most cattle have active that inhibits this muscle growth process is the myostatin gene. However, compare that to the Piedmontese breed where that same gene is inactive making the cattle double-muscled and richer in protein and nutrients while being even leaner and more tender.

To ensure the consistency of the Certified Piedmontese breed, each animal is DNA tested to confirm that the myostatin gene is inactive. This makes it an efficient source of protein because the meat is healthier and does not need heavy, fatty marbling to make it tender. The cattle spend their lives grazing native pastures, where they are free to roam in comfortable surroundings. Fed by the land and then supplemented with all-natural hay and grains from the ranchers and farmers that raise them. The practice of preserving the natural resources while still providing our cattle balanced nutrition makes it sustainable for the environment where we raise our cattle.

Our company is family-owned and works with family ranches to ensure quality and maintain roots in our local Nebraska ties. We also work to make sure that comes across in every aspect of our process and business. Happy Holidays from Certified Piedmontese!

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