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Green Packaging: Sustainable and Biodegradable

Beef shipping boxes in warehouse with sustainable packaging
Shipping boxes organized in the cold storage warehouse

Certified Piedmontese is dedicated to sustainability and environmental stewardship, from the way we raise our cattle to every aspect of the business. We believe that respecting and nurturing the land and its natural resources is part of our responsibility towards future generations.

2021 was an exciting year for reaching many sustainability milestones for the company: Our main campus building received the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification validating its status as a sustainable, energy-efficient, and healthy building. We also switched to packaging made from Green Cell FoamTM by KTM Industries to protect all our beef during shipping.

Green Cell Foam is an eco-friendly, cornstarch-based material that provides excellent thermal insulating and cushioning properties, eliminating spoiled or damaged goods during shipping. We tested several biodegradable and recyclable packaging before deciding on Green Cell Foam. It was the best insulator for our typical 2-Day shipments and was easily disposable for our customers' convenience.

Biodegradable Green Cell Foam Packaging for Piedmontese beef
Green Cell Foam packaging ready to put in some beef

Green Cell Foam looks a lot like Styrofoam, but they couldn't be more different.

Inch-for-inch, Green Cell Foam provides the same thermal-insulating and cushioning properties as Styrofoam, all at a comparable cost. Unlike petroleum-based Styrofoam in single-use packaging, Green Cell Foam is made from 100% all-natural, non-GMO U.S. grown corn, an annually renewable resource, helping to reduce greenhouse gases, landfill disposals, and reliance on fossil fuels.

For the cherry on top, Green Cell Foam requires 70% less energy to manufacture and produces 80% fewer greenhouse gases than petroleum-based packaging.

Green Cell Foam is NON-RECYCLABLE but completely DEGRADABLE.

Green Cell Foam is completely compostable, biodegradable, and water-soluble, so you can simply rinse it down the drain, compost it, or use it as a fire starter for grills, fireplaces, or firepits. Or you can throw it out and know that it will go back into the earth, safely.

Green Cell Foam provides the most flexibility and convenience in disposal options of any packaging material - going far beyond just recycling.

There are just two easy steps to experience easy and environmentally friendly disposal when you receive Certified Piedmontese beef on your doorstep:
  1. Cut open the film on the Green Cell Plus (GC+) and pull out the foam panels. Recycle the film.

  2. Once the foam and film are separated, dispose of the Green Cell Foam however you please!

Water it.

Submerge small pieces of Green Cell Foam panels in water and watch it "melt" before your eyes and disappear safely down the drain. It even decomposes in seawater and freshwater. A fun experiment to do alone or with kids!

Compost it.

Safe for your yard or commercial compost facilities. Green Cell Foam is a bio-based packaging that will decompose in 60 days or less when in a moist soil environment.

Burn it.

Save pieces for your backyard barbecue, fireplace, or outdoor fire. It burns cleanly and safely, leaving no smoke. Works great to start your barbeque for Piedmontese beef.

Plant it.

When growing your flowers or garden, add pieces of Green Cell Foam to a bucket when watering - it's excellent natural plant food.

Certified Piedmontese beef is raised responsibly and sustainably with the land and its resources in mind. It would go against our values and sustainability goals to use environmentally damaging packaging for our beef. We are proud to include Green Cell Foam packaging as one of the steps we've taken to reduce our carbon footprint, and we're not the only one happy about it. Take a look at the many reviews CP customers have said on our use of Green Cell Foam packaging:

Reliable delivery, Reliable quality. We have made a handful of orders from Certified Piedmontese and not one complaint in our experience with the company and their product. Delivery is always as they say it will be. Their packaging keeps the product cold. The insulation is biodegradable (dissolves in water - which does not harm runoff or drain-pipes - so cool!) – Dawn Extremely well packed, shipped so quickly and it was all in environmentally-friendly packaging. That was my one concern with ordering for shipping, but not anymore. This is also the freshest, most delicious meat we've ever tasted. We're hooked! – Toni-Ann The meat was delicious and one of the things I was most impressed with was how awesome the packaging is. Biodegradable and recyclable is really great. I will be choosing Certified Piedmontese more often because of the meat quality and how environmentally friendly the packaging is. – Tyler I had my first online order delivered. A variety of meats came to California on a hot day in a box with dry ice that kept all meat totally frozen. Packaging materials around meat were environmentally sustainable—totally melted away in the sink—meaning no extra trash for landfills!!!!! – Shea Great meat – as always! And the new packaging is done so well! I let my son put the packaging foam into the firepit, love to use it as a starter and there's little to no smoke. Thank you Certified Piedmontese. – Todd

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