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Restaurant Circa 1886 in Charleston, South Carolina serving up Certified Piedmontese

In a city swarming with some of the best restaurants in the world, reaching the decision to go out to eat - is the easy part. Then begins the ultimate grudge match of deciding where you are going to go. With so many restaurants offering delicious foods and exciting menus, the choices can be difficult to narrow down to a single winner. Restaurants in Charleston are continuing to push boundaries, flavors, foods, and experiences to win your vote, and Chef Marc of Circa 1886 is no exception! His motto: "I want my customers to experience culture through flavors, and tie in history of different regions around the country and world into my menu..."

Located in the original carriage house of the Wentworth Mansion in downtown Charleston, Circa 1886 has been known for being one of the finest restaurants in the city. Focusing on fresh and local ingredients, Chef Marc's menu takes you on a trip through multinational influences and histories, fusing them together with modern day cuisine. Certified Piedmontese, featuring superior tenderness and flavor, appears in two of the dishes on his menu.

The first dish you will find on the menu, is the Certified Piedmontese Petite Tender. Drawing on both its own Italian roots and heritage, it's served alongside Truffle Potato Croquettes, Asparagus, Chattooga Blue Cheese, and Beurre Rouge. It's a first class dish showcasing the supreme tenderness of the Piedmontese Breed.

The next dish on the menu, is a nod to Native African roots, where they would utilize all parts of the animal in their meals - Certified Piedmontese Oxtail. Served alongside with a Conch Fritter, Pepper Pot Liquour, Young Sweet Potatoes, Mustard Greens and Pickled Okra. The oxtail is a unique specialty cut, and while not found on many menus, it is ideal for braising and produces tender, flavorful, pull apart beef. It’s a perfect cut to feature in this delicious dish.

So while eating out in Charleston, make the decision to dine at Circa 1886. It promises to be one of Charleston's Best, most acclaimed dining experiences, and a great opportunity to taste Certified PIedmontese being showcased by one of the country's best chefs.

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