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Cutting a Cowboy Ribeye

Talking steak today! Nearly all steak eating carnivores out there have a lot of appreciation for the ribeye. Coming from the Rib Primal and cut from the eye of the Prime Rib, you will always get a wonderfully marbled and tender cut of steak from Certified Piedmontese. Leaving the bone in, however, goes the extra step and really gives you a supreme ribeye experience. Our Standing Rib Roast (the prime rib), is the perfect cut to buy and carve your own bone-in ribeyes at home. It's as easy as thawing and slicing, and you can quickly have 3 - 26+oz "Cowboy Ribeyes" ready for the grill.

We set the Rib Roast in the fridge for 3 days to let it thaw (slack.) We then pulled it out of the fridge, took it out of the package, and patted the roast dry with paper towels. The rib roast comes with 3 rib bones, so we eye-balled it and marked 3 cut lines of where we wanted to create the steaks. Then it's as simple as cut, season, and cook!

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