• Certified Piedmontese

Check out the NEW Piedmontese.com!

You deserve the best beef on the market--brought to you by a sleek, user-friendly website. Head to the new and improved Piedmontese.com to easily purchase world-class beef and have it delivered right to your door.

Here's a quick overview of what you'll find at Piedmontese.com:

+A user-friendly shop page that lets you easily browse Certified Piedmontese beef offerings, including our grass fed, grass finished beef and our premium Dynasty Selection

+An archive of delicious, chef-driven recipes using Certified Piedmontese beef

+ The unique story of the Piedmontese breed, and our commitment to producing only the highest quality Piedmontese beef

+ Nutrition information on all Certified Piedmontese beef products

+Information on how to use Certified Piedmontese beef as a unique and memorable gift for clients and employees

+ And much more!

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