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Certified Piedmontese Ranchers Provide The Care Cattle Deserve

Certified Piedmontese makes transparency a top priority to ensure customers know exactly where and how it’s raised. Our commitment to 100% transparency is founded on the trust we have in the ranchers who care for Certified Piedmontese cattle.

Our cattle, which are never given hormones, animal by-products, steroids, or antibiotics, are raised on ranches that span thousands of acres primarily across north-central Nebraska—a region known as the Sandhills. Our program operates on a much smaller than commodity beef producer; this allows our ranchers to maintain a state-of-the-art traceability system that tracks the health, well-being, and nutrition of each and every animal using an EID (electronic identification) tag. This tag helps our ranchers know each animal’s story, so they can provide care based on its unique needs.

Certified Piedmontese cattle are raised on ranches that span thousands of acres of lush, mix-grassed prairie.

We take things a step further by maintaining process verification through IMI Global, an accredited, independent source that evaluates practices associated with livestock production and provide an unbiased assessment through frequent audits and records. IMI Global is the agricultural arm of Where Food Comes From (a major provider of certification and verification services to the food industry) and has over 22 years of verification experience in livestock production.

Our ranchers implement low-stress handling that involves understanding why, when, and how stress levels rise. Cattle have 300-degree peripheral vision, but because they see most objects out of only one eye, their depth perception is poor; a quick movement in their periphery can set them off in a panic. That’s why our ranchers use careful movements in and out of the animals’ comfort zone to gently guide the cattle.

It’s all about knowing what the cattle need and going above and beyond. Take Allen and Zenda Haase for instance, who raise Certified Piedmontese cattle along the Nebraska-South Dakota border. “When I come in the house at night, I eat a good meal and sleep in a warm bed,” Allen says. “We care for our livestock the way we care for ourselves. All animals should be taken care of by that standard.”

For Certified Piedmontese ranchers, raising healthy cattle is much more than a nine-to-five commitment.

For Certified Piedmontese ranch hand Ron Klein, raising Certified Piedmontese cattle is much more than a nine-to-five commitment; it requires a lifestyle dedicated to the well being of animals. Ron is up with the sun every morning to check the cattle. After documenting their progress, he spends most of his day ensuring each animal is getting adequate nutrition. “It’s my job to make sure the animals are fed and cared for,” he says. “I take that very seriously.”

Unfortunately, this approach isn’t widespread in the beef industry. With a higher level of technology and management, Certified Piedmontese is committed to more than animal welfare: we’re committed to treating our cattle the right way, ensuring they receive the care and nourishment they deserve.

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