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Certified Piedmontese Chili Challenge

Updated: Jun 14

Here at Certified Piedmontese, we think that Fall and Winter should have a good bowl of Chili mixed in! But with Chili having so many different variations we didn't know which one would be best, so we decided to have The Certified Piedmontese Chili Challenge.

To get some background on Chili and the Chili Cook-Off, we looked up the history of Chili to see where its roots started.

The history of Chili is built on legends, myths, and conspiracies; never really knowing the origin of the original bowl of Chili. Some say it came from Mexico; some say it was originally a dry brick that travelers ate; or that it came from the San Antonio prisons. Whatever it may be, it seems as though it made its American landfall in Texas even though according to some sources, the fact is still up for discussion.

Possibly first made without tomatoes or beans, it has become a contention, especially in the professional Chili Cook-Off circuit on what exactly makes up a chili. The original Cook-Off in 1952 was in Terlingua, Texas. Then after a national paper recorded it and combined with the need for all things Texas because of President Lyndon B. Johnson, Chili Cook-Offs have become the thing they are today.

As time has gone on, the typical home cook has come to have their individual recipes, or sees chili as a dumping ground for meat, beans, veggies, and combining flavors that taste great! This has made the recipes for chili endless, and thus there is no shortage to try. That is part of the reason we decided to have a chili challenge!

Some of the typical differences in chili recipes that change based on an area or region are:

Nebraska: Expect your Chili served with a side of Cinnamon Rolls!

Texas: Chili consists of roasted peppers and seasoning with lots of beef!

New Mexico: Use lime zest and other green ingredients to make Chili Verde!

Louisiana: Cajun Chili: Hot Sauce and Cajun Seasoning with the typical ingredients paired with cornbread!

Northeastern Midwest: Add some pasta into that Chili for a new texture!

Southern: Served on top of Fritos, also known as Frito Pie!

Springfield Illinois: Not only is their Chilli spelled with a double-l, but there are no tomatoes but a whole lot of meat and a can of beer in their Chilli!

Kanas City, MO: If you are in KC your Chili might be served with very little sauce on a plate topped with cheese and saltines!

Cincinnati: They like to add the sweetness of chocolate and cinnamon to balance out the savory spice of their chili!

And the winner is: @sambuca84proof on Instagram with his Certified Piedmontese Chuck Steak Chili!

Chuck Eye Steaks are a fairly unique cut not available in many places, which is just another reason Certified Piedmontese is unique!

Here is the winning recipe:


1 LB Certified Piedmontese Chuck Eye Steak

1/2 white onion

1/2 cup white flour

Chili spice

Roasted peppers (He used locally sourced)

1 quartz of tomato juice (locally sourced)

1 can of black beans

Red onion



Sour cream



1. Cube and Brown Chuck Eye Steaks in an Instant Pot and then pressure cook for 15 minutes.

2. Sauté onion with the beef. Then build a roux with the flour.

3. Add chili spice and mix.

4. Then add the tomato juice, roasted peppers, and the can of drained black beans.

5. After it is hot and ready to go, you can serve it up and garnish it with red onions, jalapeño, Fritos, sour cream, and cheese.


Head on over to Piedmontese.com for your Chuck Eye Steaks!

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