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A Mother's Day Gift Box from Certified Piedmontese!

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

What to buy? How much to spend? What does she need? All questions that come up when choosing a gift, made even tougher because of who the gift is going to on this particular holiday. Gifting for Mother's day doesn't have to be stressful or difficult. They likely are not looking to be surprised by a unique gift, they simply want to know they are cared about and appreciated by you. We went the extra mile in selecting items for this gift box that mom is going to love for herself and her family and bring everyone together at the dinner table. A great way to say thanks, show that appreciation, and be a gift that won't end up in storage for years to come - all for $99.95.

So what we have featured in the Mother’s Day Gift Basket:

2 of our 6 oz Filet Mignons. These are so fabulous, just lean and tender as they come, its just perfect for a quick sear in a skillet and finished in the oven. With some baked potatoes or veggies, you can have dinner ready in 15-20 minutes with these!

2 of our 6 oz Sirloin Filets. These are such a great value. These too are tender as they come, and perfect for the grill or using the skillet as well. These have such great flavor, we are excited to include these in the basket.

4lbs of Grass Fed, Grass Finished Ground Beef. Such a great product here– our grass finished ground is packed with all nutritionals you get from grass finished products, while keeping all that great beef flavor. So getting 4 pounds of ground here is sure to help with quite a few meals from the family.

2 packages of organic Smart Chicken Tenderloins. These are always air-chilled, so you enjoy tender, succulent chicken no matter how you cook them. These are a big-time crowd pleaser.

4 pack of our custom seasonings. Each of these seasonings are a perfect blend of spices to not overpower your food, but enhance their tenderness and flavors. Great on side dishes or marinades as well!

Insulated Grocery Tote Bag. Perfect bag to haul home your groceries from the store and look stylish doing it!

We finish it off by typing out your gift message on a nice Certified Piedmontese Card.

We have a great selection of other cuts and products on our website as well at Piedmontese.com as well to choose from – but this mother’s day box is just a perfect way to show the mom in your life appreciation for all she has done for you.

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