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Learn how Certified Piedmontese Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Beef Line is different

What sets Certified Piedmontese Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef line apart from others in the beef industry?

  • 100% source verified and raised in the Midwest.

  • Substantial nutritional benefits.

  • Incredible tenderness & taste.

  • Animal & environmental welfare is a top priority.

  • Certified Piedmontese cattle are handled humanely.

Certified Piedmontese Grass-Finished Line is 100% Source Verified and raised in the Midwest.

Did you know that finding grass-fed, grass-finished beef that is raised in the U.S. is the exception rather than the rule? According to a 2017 Stone Barns report, 75-80% of grass-fed beef sold in the U.S. comes from abroad, mainly from Australia, New Zealand, and parts of South America. As long as imported beef passes through a USDA-inspected plant (a requirement for all imported beef), it is labeled Product of the U.S.A.

At Certified Piedmontese, we welcome accountability and transparency, and we're proud to let consumers know exactly where and how we raise our grass-fed, grass-finished beef. Our Piedmontese cattle call the spacious grasslands of Nebraska home. Our grass-fed program—as well as our traditional Certified Piedmontese Core Line Beef and Dynasty Line — is 'Where Food Comes From' source-verified by IMI Global, an accredited source for third-party verification of food production practices. By subscribing to self-imposed audits regularly, Certified Piedmontese verifies every process and claim. Guaranteeing the grass-fed, grass-fed beef, you're eating came from family ranches across the Midwest. At Certified Piedmontese, we use absolutely NO antibiotics, hormones, or animal by-products.

Certified Piedmontese Grass-Finished Line has TONS of nutritional benefits.

Certified Piedmontese cattle eat grasses rich in heart-healthy fatty acids; the beef, in return, is rich in these essential nutrients. Some of these nutrients can include Omega-3s, Zinc, Iron, and important B Vitamins. Our grass-fed, grass-finished beef is even leaner than our traditional Certified Piedmontese Core Line Beef — which is already leaner and more tender than most beef sourced from other breeds! This provides health-conscious customers a beef product that's low in fat and calories, packed with nutrition, and exceedingly tender and flavorful.

Certified Piedmontese Grass-Finished Line is incredibly tender & tasty.

Grass-fed, grass-finished beef has a reputation for having a more complex, beefy flavor but less tenderness. Certified Piedmontese grass-fed, grass-finished beef goes against that idea with its natural tenderness. Certified Piedmontese beef has a clean, beefy flavor that leaves you feeling happy and satisfied.

Animal & environmental welfare is a top priority.

Interest in grass-fed, grass-finished beef stems from concern for animal welfare. Certified Piedmontese ranches span thousands of acres across the Midwest, a region known as the Sandhills. In this region of grasslands, the cattle have access to natural, high-quality nutrition. Using sustainable ranching techniques is valuable to both the land and the cattle. Certified Piedmontese ranchers ensure cattle have a beneficial relationship with the land. This responsible grazing helps the grasslands to be a consistent and nutritious food source for our grass-fed, grass-finished cattle. These intentional and progressive ranching practices appeal to eco-conscious customers and ultimately produce beef of the highest quality.

Our cattle are handled humanely every step of the way!

Our approach to responsible ranching is comprehensive, extending to the diligent care our ranchers provide Certified Piedmontese cattle. A careful combination of technology, industry-leading insights, strict protocols, independent third-party oversight, and advanced stockmanship ensures the best possible care for every single animal.


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