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Getting Down to Bust 5 Beef Myths

Many beef myths float around conversations and mindsets, and we are here to bust some of the most common ones this Halloween!

1. Fat equals Flavor

Fat does not always equal flavor, even though that is contrary to popular opinion. Our Certified Piedmontese beef is leaner and has less fat, but does not sacrifice the flavor or tenderness of the beef. What you are tasting is the taste of real beef.

In 1982, a British Food Scientist cut all the fat off of different steaks and asked people whether or not they tasted a difference, and they hadn't. So, while people are on the lookout for bigger more fatty cattle, thinking it is going to make a better steak, that is not what is giving their steak more flavor. Adding and eating fat to your meat is almost like eating a stick of butter.

Certified Piedmontese beef's flavor and tenderness come from the fact that Piedmontese cattle are more muscular and have less total body fat. With other breeds, you often pay for and taste fat; with Certified Piedmontese beef, you are paying for and are tasting beef. You have had beef, but until you try our beef, are you sure you know what beef tastes like? Once you get a taste of Certified Piedmontese beef, you will know exactly how you have been missing out on: pure, clean, real beef. You would taste what beef is supposed to taste like.

2. Red Meat is not Heart Healthy

Many health researchers have claimed and unclaimed that red meat can cause heart disease and is not good for your heart. This can come from the high processing of some beef, or the high-fat content and cholesterol in beef.

Certified Piedmontese beef on the other hand is the healthier beef option. It has the same nutritional values as chicken and other so-called "lean proteins". Our beef also has gone through the process to be able to claim ourselves as heart-healthy.

One example of this is our Certified Piedmontese sirloin steak. It is a heart-healthy cut with only 130 calories, 3 grams of fat, and 25 grams of protein per 4-ounce serving.

3. Cattle are Bad for the Environment

Cattle play essential role in the environment, and how ecosystems work together. Cattle play an irreplaceable role in maintaining top soil, promoting biodiversity, protecting wildlife habitat, reducing the spread of wildfires, providing natural fertilizer and so much more. Plus, cattle utilize land that would otherwise remain unproductive for humans.

Here at Certified Piedmontese we care about using sustainable ranching techniques to benefit our land and the environment that much more. From feeding our cattle using grazing techniques, to using natural resources that can't be depleted.

4. Eating Beef Promotes Big Business and isn't Traceable

Certified Piedmontese strives to be true and traceable in our company. We aim to stay small and personable to our land, ranches, and cattle. We use small family ranches to raise our cattle, helping to stir the economy and stay away from big business and feedlots.

Where Food Comes From, Inc., an independent third-party organization that audits our company each year within USDA guidelines, to be able to approve certifications that account for consistency and traceability. We have this certification to show that all food can 100% be traced back to the source. This certification verifies our transparency as a company. We can trace our beef from ranch-to-fork.

5. Lean doesn't equal Tender especially with Certified Piedmontese Grass Fed, Grass Finished beef

With Grass Fed, Grass Finished beef it often that you are just getting health benefits, not leanness, tenderness, and flavor. With Certified Piedmontese Grass Fed, Grass Finished beef you are not sacrificing any of that. Our Grass Finished beef has an amazing flavor, is super tender, and still has all the health benefits.

"I ran out of beef and I had to get some yesterday at another store. I got grass fed beef and bison and I could barely eat it. I used to ONLY eat their beef. After having Piedmontese, the quality is just unmatched and now I’m not able to eat anything else! I will be a customer for life!”

-Sarah Scholl (Professional CrossFit Athlete)

It is scary how easily we can fall into the trap of believing these myths about beef. Hopefully, this helped you to understand the truth behind beef, especially Certified Piedmontese beef!

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