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3 Types of Certified Piedmontese Ground Beef

There are three types of Certified Piedmontese Ground Beef, and each of them is great to use in any ground beef-based meal! With this post, we hope to help you find which type of ground beef is best for you, or best for your favorite recipes. Then at the end, there is a special ground beef recipe, to make with any of these options!

96/4 Ground Beef

Our 96% lean ground beef is not only exceptionally lean, it’s full of flavor and extremely versatile. With just 130 calories and 3.5 grams of fat per 4-ounce serving, it’s a healthier ground beef option that adds pure, beefy flavor to your home cooking menu. Part of the reason it is so lean is that it is made from our inside round subprimal (one of the leanest). Not only does that make it great, but using a whole subprimal means that 96/4 is ground steak! Nothing can be better than that!

85/15 Ground Beef

Certified Piedmontese 85% lean Ground Beef offers the perfect balance of beefy texture and succulent flavor. Make burgers of the highest quality or add a rich, meaty flavor to all sorts of recipes with all-natural Piedmontese ground beef. Our 85/15 holds the moisture of the meat well, meaningless cooks off and your meat is not left dry and gritty.

Grass Fed, Grass Finished Ground Beef

Certified Piedmontese Grass Fed, Grass Finished Ground Beef lends beefy flavor, juiciness, and all sorts of nutrients to burgers, chili, and more. You can trust that, like all Certified Piedmontese cattle, our grass fed, grass finished cattle are raised the right way on the Nebraska plains. These cattle give way for an even more nutrient-rich beef, because of the grass-only diet the cattle receive. Unlike other grass fed, grass finished beef the tenderness of Piedmontese beef comes through in giving a delicious taste and texture that is not found in other brands of grass fed beef.

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