• Certified Piedmontese

10 Fun Facts For 10 Years of Certified Piedmontese

It is the tenth anniversary of Certified Piedmontese beef!

1. Our Boxed Beef program distributes to 36 states

This means that you can eat our beef at restaurants or find it at retailers in 36 states!

You can check out the map here!

2. We have sent our beef to all 50 states!

Our online program can currently ship to all 50 states, and people take advantage of that! We

hope someday to be able to sell our beef to other locations, like Canada.

3. We send out on average 375-500 boxes a week.

We only ship out Monday through Wednesday to make sure there is less of a chance that your beef sits in a UPS warehouse over the weekend, where it might go bad. But, we always love more orders, because it means more people getting to try our fantastic beef!

4. The most purchased gift box is The Taste of Italy.

Focusing on our Italian heritage, this box pairs some of the cuts that really show off the

uniqueness of this beef! It includes (2) 8-oz. Filet Mignon, (2) 14-oz. Boneless Ribeye Steaks,

(2) 10-oz. New York Strips, (2) 8-oz. Sirloin Filets, (1) 36-oz. Tomahawk Ribeye Steak, (4) 16-oz.

85% Lean Ground Beef packages.

5. We have 6 Midwest ranches that our cattle are raised on.

They are located in Oshkosh, Nebraska; Broken Bow, Nebraska; Mullen, Nebraska; York,

Nebraska; Seward, Nebraska; Avon, South Dakota. We also work with other ranches

during our process, but all of our cattle are raised on our farms during their life.

6. Piedmontese cattle are originally from the Piedmont region in Italy.

The Piedmontese breed originated in the Piedmont region of Italy, where they had migrated

25,000 years earlier. It first started to be recognized while the popularity was rising on the

region’s fine wines and cuisines in the 1800s. The Piedmontese breed was first brought to

North America in the mid-1970s by a small group of forward-thinking ranchers. Then by the

mid-1980s imports had increased the original five head of cattle to fifteen. This breed still

makes up less than 1% of cattle in the United States.

7. We cut and blast freeze our steaks around 14 - 21 days of age, for optimal freshness.

After slaughter, we keep our beef fresh for up to 7 days when it goes to our boxed beef

customers. We then use a premium wet age process that is best done at 14-21 days, after

which our product is frozen, and then it is sent to you at its most quality condition.

8. The average rancher works 168 hours/week.

In case you didn't do the math, that is 24/7, a rancher never stops working! The ranchers are

really the people who are working the hardest for our company and make sure our cattle are

raised the right way without hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or animal by-products. And they

put in the hours to make everything great!

9. The Piedmontese breed is very resilient.

The Midwest definitely can have its share of weather, and extremes at that, but this breed of

cattle are strong and resilient in more ways than one, and that includes adapting well to

weather conditions.

10. We sell the most beef to California.

California is the state that we send the most beef! That is then followed by Nebraska,

Texas, New York, and Florida!